Program Benefits

Students participating in the GAPS program have the unique opportunity to

  • use cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality and maps that respond to touch,
  • interact with NC State undergraduates, graduate students, and scientists, and
  • hear from working professionals about career and college pathways for science and technology and geographic information systems (GIS).

Some of the benefits of this completely free program include:

Free Tutoring


Struggling with math or science in school? Our friendly, experienced tutors can help. All students actively participating in GAPS can meet with a tutor from the Wade Edwards Learning Lab (WELL) for help with schoolwork throughout the week (8-week Semester GAPS only).


Cutting-edge Technologies

One of the project partners, NC State’s Center for Geospatial Analytics, is constantly developing new ways of interacting with geospatial information. Through GAPS, you will get a sneak-peek at the latest technologies in the field. Work with hands-on modeling environments that respond to touch and virtual reality to design fun projects while learning about GIS, mapping, and spatial analysis.

Earn a $100 Participation Award

We believe in rewarding dedication and recognizing the achievements of our students. Students who attend all eight weeks of Semester GAPS sessions and complete the program will receive a $100 participation award (note there are no participation awards in the Summer GAPS).

Win up to $250 at a Mapping Competition

The 8-week Semester GAPS program concludes with a map symposium, where students will present their projects to the community. Participants will compete for cash and prizes up to $250, and a panel of judges will select the winners.